My Friend, Don Buri

If I were to ever open a restaurant or a café, I'd need to have some recipes up my sleeve. Welcome to my trial and error cookery sketchbook, where I hope to discover said recipes. I like sweets and pickles.


You might remember this post about how this blog was going to undergo some changes… well here we are sixth months later, and not much has changed. I’m confused about what I’m writing, you’re confused about what you’re reading, Don Buri is confused about a whole slew of things, and I’m still awful at keeping up with my fifty different projects. Ladies and gentlemen, all of that is about to change. I have decided that this blog will now be dedicated solely to my culinary adventures. I will keep the name “My Friend, Don Buri” for history’s sake, but there will be no more frivolous  posting of k-pop music videos. I may still discuss some of my fine-dining experiences, but I will be mainly focusing on my adventures in my own kitchen. So, you can expect some change. Some yummy, decadent, sloppy change. Thanks for bearing with me. 

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